Our Tears…

by Vicky902


We were talking about our future last night. We had already know we needed to separated one day, even he can work in USA.And that day is not so far. We were already past half days of 4 months. I can felt both of we are afraid to thinking or face to that day’s coming. Especially we are living together now. We share each other’s life, support to each other’s feeling, we have a lot of fun been together everyday and we love each other so much. We became a part of each other’s family already. I appreciate to he stay with me in Boston. It’s supposes be very lonely and sad to me if without him.I believe it’s will be a really hard time for both of us when we are separating.

 I asked him”Takashi, how did you know we will have good life together in the future?” He said “I am sure we will. Because I love you so much! I will work hard for you and our future and I don’t want to loose you, so please stay with me.” After that our tears are popped out on our face. We looked each other without any word and hugged each other for long time. Then he said”Plz don’t cry. We still have almost 2 months can have happy life together.” That is a really good point of him. He always can look at bright side. Whenever I feel upset he really can cheer me up all the time. We must be brave because we decided been together , so we have to tolerance the hard time. I believe everything is gonna be fine.