Dinner at Brown Sugar

by Vicky902

I had a dinner with my classmates in a Tai restaurant which name is Brown Sugar last night. Of course Takashi joined us. It was a really good night for us. I have been talking about Takashi to my classmates for long time, so everybody are very curious and want to meet him. I made this meeting for everybody and I hope Takashi can be closer with all of my classmates more. Because of I like to share my life with him. Especially he is working now and I am studying at school. I want to keep our life have contact also have some topics can talk. That way I always invite him to join our meeting.
After dinner we went to one of my classmate’s room. And we had a small charting party there. Everybody are enjoyed and nice to Takashi. I talked with a Korea girl for long time, whose name is Eunyoung. She is 24 years old and she is a very kind girl. She always asked me a lot of questions about me and Takashi’s relationship. She was so curious how can we have so strong mind to believe our relation ship will be fine? And no body knows about future. I said “Yes! No body knows about future, but our relationship wasn’t so easy to building up. We had a lot of hard time before. Life is not always so beautiful neither our relationship.” I explained to her from the beginning we been together for about 4 months and we went back to our own country and his working visa used to been refused once and he worked hard to came to Taiwan to visited me for 4 days and I came to Boston first to waited for him for 2 months, than finally he could got working visa to came back. I said ”You see! It wasn’t so easy as you thought and we spend a lot of tears and hurt our heart so many times in those past days. Therefore we don’t want to say give up so easy , even no body knows about future, but we’d better try to do as well as we can!