My Family In Boston

by Vicky902

Today I am going to introduce my family in Boston. I used to stay with a home stay for almost 6 months before I came to Celop. My home stay was in Millville and my mom was born there, but my dad is from Canada. They don’t have any children but we had 2 dogs, 3 cats and a little girl from Taiwan (that was me) at home. My parents had just got married just before last May. They had been together for about six years then got married. After getting married , my dad moved to Millville to have a new life with my mom. My mom has been a host family for over 20 years. After my dad came, they are continue as a host family.
I had met them last September. Since then I have been their daughter for about one year. I had a lot of sweet and funny memories staying with them. I joined their family parties, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. Everybody was really nice and took care of me as a real family member. My home stay parents’ relationship was really sweet and good. I like to see thier kiss, hug, tease, take care and respect each other. In Taiwan , even my parents have a nice relationship they don’t usually kiss, hug and say I love you to each other , especially in front of the children. So I really enjoy seeing my home stay parents show their love to each other , and I can feel a lot of love from them also.
I still go back to visit them on the weekend when I have free time and I talk with my mom at least once a week. I am really happy to be a part of their family and appreciate everything they done for me. I believe our relationship will continue forever no matter where I am , because I love them so much!