Home away from home.

by Vicky902

昨天我一整天都待在飯店裡,直到T先生下班回來才一起出去吃晚餐,因為我又開始思念我Boston 的H爸媽,一早我開信箱,收到H媽的信,看了心裡好難過~我邊掉眼淚邊看著我這兩年半在Boston時的照片,我不捨的想著我H爸媽沒有小孩,現在想必感到很孤寂~
Hello Little One,
I am so happy to hear you are in Japan safely. I can just imagine Takashi’s reaction. Now he knows for sure you are crazy. Vicky, I feel so lonely when I come home from work and your not here. I have a secret to tell you, I am still crying sometimes because I miss you. I read your letters over and over because it makes me feel close to you. You are so much like a daughter to me that I can’t help feeling empty. I don’t know if Suzy is still crying in the mornings but she seems fine when daddy arrives home.


Dear Little one:
We are so happy that you were able to surprise Takashi. I’m glad that it worked out well for you. We were so sad to see you leave last week. We cried when Tom came home. I didn’t go with you when he drove you home because I knew that I would be too upset. But we are still hoping to see you both again. We are hoping that you will come to America in the near future – maybe when you get married. Although we will miss you here, it is good that you are starting your new life and that you will be able to spend at least some time together. Maybe your plans will be better than you think . I hope so. I will write to both of you later. Right now, just enjoy the time that you have together. Unfortunately, two weeks will pass very quickly. Please say hello to Takashi and give him an extra kiss from us. We love you both and miss you very much. Take care of yourselves. Love, Tom and Sheila



現在,我會好好努力過生活,我不寂寞,我在台灣有愛我的家人和朋友,在日本有疼愛我的T先生,在Boston有我跟T先生共同的第二個家!就算時間與空間的遙遠,只要我心裡永遠有他們,我心靈上的缺口將永遠不會感到空洞,因為這就是’家人’!不管在哪裡都改變不了的情感~ This is my Home away from Home!