Everyday is happy day!

by Vicky902

Today I got a bundle of roses from Takashi. I was really surprised and happy. I asked him “Why did you buy me the flowers? Did you do something wrong?” He said “Of course not! I just want to appreciate everything to you. You really take care of this house and cooks for me everyday. And sometimes I am not so nice to you. ”After I heard that, I really can’t say anything, because it’s so touched in my heart. I also feel appreciate to him everyday. I understood my personality not so good. Sometimes I have bad temper and easy get angry because of some small things, sometimes I became really childish to bother him for long time and I am a picky person of clean. He always can stand all part of me and try to do the way which I want him to do. Since we have been together until now he has never angry at me. He is a really kind and perfect person to me. I want to say thank you for he loves me, thank you for he take care of me, thank you for he support me, thank you for him share life with me and lots of thank you for everything. If I can stay with him everyday and everyday is happy day for me!