A Golden Mango!

by Vicky902

I want to share a funny story to you guys today. I went to groceries shopping with Takashi at Shaw’s tonight. We bought some foods, snacks and a mango. We decided to use self checking. We had used it before, but today it was our first time to buy friut.There is a piece of sticker on each fruit and we followed the request of the self-checking machine to key in the code number of our mango. The code number of our mango was #4959. After that, the machine asked us to key in the number of item. We thought we needed to key in the code again. So we did again. And the prices were from $36 raised up to $800. We were so surprised and shocked! How expensive this mango was!! We asked a staff came to help us. Luckily, we didn’t need to pay a lot of money for that “Golden Mango”. Both of we were laughing and laughing until we got home.