15th Anniversary

by Vicky902


Dear Honey:
It’s been 15 years since we met each other  on 2004 and we got married for 10 years now. Happy 10 years anniversary. 
I can’t say how much I appreciated you that been a wonderful father to girls and sweet partner to me. Our life can’t be without you. 
There are a lot of memory pisces came up my mind on the way to the Narita airport. I used to take the same bus to came to visit you from US and Taiwan . And after I moved to Japan , I took the same bus go back to Both Homes (Taiwan and Japan). Then Mei was born we took the same bus together so many times.
Bus is still the same, on the way walk to the YCHAT the stores some of them are same ,some of them are not… for this long ,we are not the same either. We got two beautiful girls in our life. The life journey from 2 became 4. Isn’t it amazing?
From the morning you decided to drive me to the station. I know if one day the life journey become 2 of us again. We will still stay with each other even though we won’t be the same.
Thank you to take care of our family and love me this much! I am really lucky to have you in my life journey.